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NANOASIA device for home use helps to restore the radiance, freshness, healthy appearance and youthfulness of the skin. The device is very convenient to use. “Airbrush” allows you to simultaneously perform peeling, aqua massage, mesotherapy, lifting and deep moisturizing.

The kit contains a small, portable unit for home use. The device is equipped with a pressure regulator that automatically turns off the device at rest. The compact size and comfortable, durable bag make it ideal for travel. In addition to the apparatus and accessories, the NANOASIA serum reserve for 7-14 days is easily placed in the bag-case, which is very convenient for transportation.

If you have a busy schedule and do not have enough time to visit a beauty salon, then NANOASIA home device is for you. This is a great opportunity to perform the beauty treatments by yourself at home at a time convenient for you. You no longer have to wait for a special opportunity to visit beauty salons.

The NANOASIA device has many advantages:

-high Quality
– does not harm skin

maximum pressure 2.5 atm
• productivity is 10 l / min
• 1/8 hose outlet
• voltage 220V / 50HZ
• weight 1.1 kg


We start the procedure with skin cleansing – make-up removing (for a guaranteed result and the absence of allergic reactions, we recommend using NANOASIA skincare)

Daily in the morning and evening:
Cleansing with Nanoasia Nanodessert Foam Cleanser – 1 press (apply on face and neck , rinse with water).

1-2 times a week (before applying the tonic) we carry out the peeling procedure:
Enzyme Peeling – Nanodessert Air Bubbles Peeling Gel – press 3-4 times
(apply a thin layer on the face, wait 4-5 minutes while the foam massage is in progress, give the peeling to dry, roll it along the massage lines without stretching the skin).
– If you have dry skin – peeling is applied once a week. If you have oily skin – peeling is applied 2 times a week.
– Enzyme peeling – Nanodessert Air Bubbles Peeling Gel is a very delicate and can be used all year round.

Pore Clear Solution Toner – 2-3 presses (apply on face and neck, allow to absorb)

After connecting the device (compressor + air hose + filter + air filter), we pour water into a the airbrush and get ready for treatment. Plug in device into socket and and press the button to turn on the device.

4. Aqua peeling is carried out under a strong flow (20 minutes) using NaCl or mineral water (cleanses pores, helps remove dead skin particles, moisturizes and strengthens the skin) – one of the most important steps in the procedure. It is important that you do not save time at this stage in order to thoroughly cleanse the skin, activate blood circulation, open the pores and perform intensive skin massage. In order to double the result after aquapeeling, we suggest that you use sodium chloride, as it is used as an antimicrobial and antibacterial agent. The effect of clean skin is guaranteed!

Then wipe the airbrush with a napkin inside to remove the remaining water.

NANOASIA line includes 3 different ampoules with nanocomplexes and with their help and patented formulas we achieve the effect of healthy and young skin.

Pour the serum into the metal container on the airbrush.

First, apply Multi-Peptide Complex Bomb Serum.
Hold the air brush perpendicular to the skin surface or at an angle of 45 degrees and apply the serum evenly throughout the face with a “veil”, including the skin of the eyelids and lips; spray serum for 3-15 minutes; serum consumption for 1 procedure from 2 ml for face and neck or including décolleté, hands and elbows we use 3-4 ml.

After the serum is evenly spread on the skin, within 5-7 minutes we use air flow to help skin to completely absorb it and active ingredients to penetrate into deep skin layers. For better effect use  massage lines.

6. If skin is mature and requires more intensive care, then add to the procedure the application of serum “Nanoasia Jewelry Radiant Air Ampoules With Peptides 35+” or Skin Do.
We repeat the above procedure for applying serum.

Serum consumption for 1 procedure from 2-3ml or 1ml + 1ml + 1ml if all serums are used in the procedure. Do not mix serums together, use one at a time!
Shelf life:
Fully open ampoules are stored for up to 3 days in the refrigerator. If you use syringe, then up to 7 days in the refrigerator.

Airbrush Cleaning:
Fill up the metal container with water, block the exit of the airflow with a cotton pad or a napkin, and open the stream through the airbrush by pressing the button on the air brush. After a minute, remove the cotton pad and continue blowing the water out so that all leftovers of serums will be removed. It is advisable to wipe the container inside after each use. The use of chemicals or disinfectants is prohibited.