It is a unique patented plant nanocomplex containing highly purified substances in a high concentration. It includes 7 peptides, 7 transdermal amino acids, and 12 plant extracts.



The formula has been developed and improved during seven years. It is a unique anti-aging skin care with a record-high concentration of Argireline. Thanks to the product’s low-molecular content and its size, the ingredients are only 4 nm, it easily penetrates to deeper layers of the skin. The product can be easily applied on skin with a strong airflow with the help of NANOASIA AirBrush. Such application of the product on the skin can be considered the most painless of currently possible methods. You can work with all zones that require recovery.


SKIN PROTECTION The serum includes a formula of antioxidants and plant extracts. It neutralises free radicals and thus restores the skin’s natural protection against damaging external effects. Raises the immune protection of the skin.

SHAPES THE FACE CONTOUR AND FACE DEFINITION It creates a strong net under the skin that shapes the perfect face contour. Raises cheeks and makes them elastic, makes the facial complexion healthier. Removes wrinkles on the nose and lips, the bags under eyes, facilitates skinning down of face (by improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage).

CORRECTION AND PROPHYLACTICS OF WRINKLES Restores the tonus and elasticity of the skin, makes wrinkles smoother. Reduces the number of wrinkles and their depth, facilitates whitening of pigment spots and skin. Makes skin tighter, removes muscle spasms by retaining the natural facial expression; removes swellings and dark circles around eyes.

SKIN NUTRITION Provides active nutrition to the skin and facial muscles, unique healing components, penetrate deep into the skin structure by having a long-term treatment effect. Enriches the skin with the active nutrients. Restores physiological activity and facial muscles.

SKIN REJUVENATION ON CELL LEVEL Prevents the pathological processes in the skin, stimulates cellular self-generation and biological renewal. Prevents the formation of wrinkles and ageing-related pigmentation. Strengthens the synthesis of collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid (skin matrix). Plant extracts and peptides increase the life cycle of the skin stem cells, decreasing the fatigue of eyelids and signs of ageing.

Reduces even deep wrinkles around eyes. The result can be compared to botox injections. Absolutely non-toxic formula.

Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types. Non-comedogenic product. Certified in Europe.


NANOASIA home device gives the opportunity to restore skin’s radiance, freshness, healthy look and youth. The device is very comfortable to use. With the help of Airbrush or “Air Brush” you can perform aqua peeling, mesotherapy with NANOASIA serum, facial 3D massage, lifting and moisturizing effect all at once.


Soya poly-peptides, Argireline, Palmityl penta-peptide 4, Palmityl tera-peptide 7, Palmityl tri-peptide 1, Copper tri-peptide 1, Di-peptide diaminobutyric benzylamide diacetate TRANSTERMAL AMINO ACIDS: Lysine, Serine , Tyrosine, Arginine, Ornithine, Methionine, Histidine, Acetyl thyrosine, Cysteine, Aspartic acid, Aspartic acid

PLANT EXTRACTS: Liquorice extract , Cimicifuga extract, Fallopian multiflora, Sesame seed oil, Angelica gigas, Morus’ extract, Peony, Styphnolobium , Baikal skullcap, Boswellia extract, Wolfiporia extensa poly-carbohydrate, Hydrogeneated lecithin, Adenosine



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